Thursday, May 24, 2007


So, I'm back on antibiotics again. Apparently it IS possible to have a sinus infection without copious amounts of funny colored snot. Who knew.

Besides getting limited sleep due to throbbing teeth due to above mentioned, stealth sinus infection, thing have been returning to normal (my version of normal at least).

My aunt is sending me two capes made by one of my great-grandmothers (exactly who is lost to history). I don't know if they are sewn or knit or welded out of chain-mail, but I can't wait to see them.

I'm working on a shawl for my mom. She chose the yarn and the pattern and I'm just trying to make it work. Some of the issues include:
- worsted weight yarn for a fingering weight pattern
- 350 yarns of yarn
- really expensive yarn I'm totally afraid I'll mess up in repeated froggings
- lace. Actual lace and not Kiki's forgiving Random Lace.

I'm trying to internalize the "Let it be a challenge to you" mantra.

Also, crocheting a black, beaded shawl in size 10 thread. It's a simple ripple pattern and if I'd stop ripping back because I don't like the bead placements I'd probably be done already. This is my first prolonged use of thread and I think my first aborted attempt (early in the fiber career) may have been an anomaly. It's not nearly as fidgety as I remember.

Other things: stash-busting acrylic blankets, probably for the local dog shelter. The Einstein Coat which was paused about 4 inches short of having a bottom half. And I somehow have acquired about 5 pounds of fiber and haven't spun anything in months.

But mostly, trying to ignore my aching teeth. Cross your fingers for rapid antibiotical magic. And nose steroids...


Sarah HB said...

Gosh darn it....I hope the drugs work!
Good luck with Mom's gift.

Stephanie said...

darn. So, how are those antibiotics workin out? I unfortunately think I might be headed to join you with the sinus infections :( The allergies have been something fierce of late!