Monday, June 11, 2007


45. The Opposite of Fate - Amy Tan. Essays and stories. Interesting but a weird childhood.

46. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off: The Yarn Harlot's Guide to the Land of Knitting. This wasn't bad, but it wasn't exceptionally good. I think 4 books in however many years may have run the well a little dry.

47. No Touch Monkey and Other Travel Lessons Learned Too Late - Ayun Halliday. The author of Hip Mama. Her life is about 180 degrees from mine (and yet still flagrantly liberal) but interesting.

48. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - JK Rowling. The beginning of the great Potter re-read in preparation for Book 7. I've read 1 and 2 too many times already so I decided to start with 3.

49. Lost in Rooville - Ray Blackston. I should have realized that any unknown author's work purchased in Lancaster County would be religious but this hid it so well on the back-of-the-book blurb and for the first few chapter. Not the worst thing I've ever read but I definitely will not be looking for this guy's other stuff.

50. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - JK Rowling

51. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - JK Rowling

52. Who Killed My Daughter - Lois Duncan. Duncan is one of my favorite young adult authors. This is the true story of her family's search for the people responsible for her daughter's death in 1989. Very interesting with a touch of the paranormal, kind of like Duncan's fiction books which is spooky in it's own right. Bernice, Mel and I saw her speak at the Arizona Book Festival.

Well, it's halfway thru the year and I've reached my 50 books. I'm on a good pace to finish 100 by December, notwithstanding sudden cases of illiteracy or all encompassing yarn projects.


Sara said...

man. I'm still reading my third book.

Do you read more than one book at a time? Is that how you do it?

Or am I just a 'tard? What happened to the days of my youth when I could read four to five books a week?

eva said...

And just think, no more escuela to impede your (fun) book reading.