Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I'm totally blogging while intoxicated. I can tell because the screen keeps going in and out and in and out of focus.

I survived the appointment. I didn't fall asleep which they didn't expect. I didn't inappropriately hug anyone a la Crazy Aunt Purl. I may have bitten my tongue 37 times in the past half hour. I'm too numb to know.

Part one is done - I am rootless. At least, I am icky, bad, infected rootless. Next I'll get a crown so I can have 3 royal teeth trying to usurp each other while I chew.

Financial responsibility discussion comes tomorrow when I'm back to being my usual logical, eyes-working together-instead-of-independently, non-possible-amnesia-having self.

All together now: THANK YOU MISS BERNICE!

I was planning on reading now, but I don't think that's going to work. Maybe I can crochet a wacky animal. An evil tooth filled with gutta percha. An elephant with a laptop trunk. A porcupine with spiral noodles instead of quills. Dick Cheney as Chupacabra.

I spell better when doped outta my gourd. That's weird. Also weird? The word gourd. And weird. That's pretty weird too.

So maybe I'll just take a nap. Lucy has the right idea.

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Deneen said...

Lucy has the right idea, for sure. Hugs

Mel said...

Cheney as Chupacabra?! Do you have any of those pills left? ;-0

Stephanie said...

oy. Thank goodness you're home safely :) Glad to hear you made it!
And Naps are always good :)

Sarah HB said...

I hope everything works out....even when you have dental insurance, the price is still UGLY.

Thanks to Bernice for driving you home!