Wednesday, July 11, 2007


For a while, it appeared that this project was doomed. Repeated pattern tweaks, repeated froggings and repeated episodes of cursing (both muttered and clearly audible) eventually gave way to an actual understanding of the pattern and the ability to knit more than 5 rows without having to rip. I finished it up this afternoon with a grand total of 4 inches of yarn left over.

Here it is on the back porch in all it's unblocked glory.

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And here it is blocking on my bed. I was hoping to block it longer but my end stitches didn't have much give. I like the look of slipping the first stitch as to purl but it sure doesn't stretch a lot.

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After blocking

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Some close-ups

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I apologize for the pictures. The lighting is determined to be yellowy or shadowy and if it's not that, the yarn is blending into the background. I'll try to get some better ones at a later date. This is my first big lace project and I want to immortalize it properly.

Pattern: Baltic Sea Stole from Fiber Trends. There are supposed to be 5 repeats of the wavy pattern in the middle but I only did one due to the amount of yarn. Also, I did a smaller border. Also, it calls for fingering or lace weight yarn and I used worsted. Other than that, I followed the pattern exactly.
Yarn: 325 yards of handdyed merino/mohair from Labadie Looms in Lancaster, PA.
Needle: 10.5
Recipient: Mom. It will be mailed off as soon as I carry it around and show it off for a few days.

In other news, I gots me new toof. I can chew indiscriminately now, whee! And I don't need to go back to the dentist until November. Guess who won't be pushing back that appointment at all, having learned her very expensive lesson?


Sarah HB said...

Gorgeous knitting Pam. I am impressed!

Good news on toof!

Mel said...

Yo Mama's gonna be so proud! Wasn't the learning curve worth it? (Says she who still has not been brave enough to try lace herself...)

noricum said...


illanna said...

Pam, that is such a beautiful shawl. I love the waves and leaves.