Saturday, September 29, 2007

In which I have come to a revelation

At this point in time, posting once a week about as "more often" as I can handle. There is much going on and the number of hours in a day is refusing to increase no matter how nicely I ask. Also, I've been really sleepy.

Things that have happened:

I've finished a couple of blankets-for-no-one-in-particular. It's a project that combines stash-busting and mindless knit- or crocheting. Since I currently have an over-abundance of both yarn and mindlessness it seem like a good time to start.

Also, I finally wound the yarn for The Secret of the Stole, which is good since it starts next week. Of course, I'll probably just be gathering the clues for completion later because...well,see above re: number of hours in a day and their obtuseness.

74. Lisey's Story - Stephen King. It did get less confusing but it didn't get any better.

The rounds of Farewell Lunches have begun. This week I was treated to lunch twice by various co-workers and I know of at least four others coming up in the next two weeks. Ok, one is more of a Welcome Lunch for the girl who's replacing me but lunch is lunch.

I finished organizing the library at work, the one thing I promised absolutely I'd complete before I left. The ES Library is now a thing of beauty and a joy forever, sort of like Kiki's...well, she knows what.

Point being, the library went from

something closely resembling this

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to this

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

2100 items and growing. With my handy excel table I can find any report in here within 2 minutes (and that includes travel time from my desk to the library.)

I? Rock.

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Nancy said...

How long after you leave do you think it'll take them to get it back into its original condition?


Sarah HB said...

Library looks great!!!

I wondered the same thing as Nancy.

SheCrochets said...

I would say you for sure rock! And if that first pic is of your own books... all I have to say is, I own about half of them! Great minds, yada yada yada! :-)

eva said...

Dude. That library is a thing of beauty.