Monday, October 01, 2007

18 days...

Or is it 17 days? Whatever, I leave on October 18th. Eastward, ho.

At this moment my car is receiving it's 40,000 check-up, albeit 3,000 miles early. I have no idea what the final cost is but I'm not expecting it to be pretty. I mean jeez, fixing the AC cost $1,600 and $600 of that was just for filters. The door lock actuators cost $400 and I'm still a little unclear on what they do (aside from preventing my leaving the headlights on overnight and randomly setting the alarm off when I try to start the engine.) Point being - Hooray! More Debt!

There are other things roiling around in my brain but it's too scary to reach in and pluck out one topic. Which reminds me - I'm supposed to watch a scary movie this week. Having friends who are getting certified as life coaches leads to odd homework.

I need to figure out some simple projects to work on. I can tell my powers of concentration are already iffy and I know their just going to get worse. Another log cabin blanket anyone?

I did manage to finish some books.

75. Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science - Atul Gawande.

76. The Parrot's Lament and Other True Tales of Animal Intrigue, Intelligence and Ingenuity - Eugene Linden.

Both of these were re-reads but they're both good. And animals are sneaky little buggers.

Oh, and I finally got the blog looking like it did prior to the Blogger Beta change-over. Much more complicated then it should have been considering Beta was supposed to make things easier. Stupid widgets and their desire to keep the html secret. Thanks for the help Stephanie.


Deneen said...

At least you'll enjoy some of the fall foliage along the way.

The new blogger vs old blogger-I kept the HTML version, but I set up a widget site for someone and it's kinda neat, but I am so afraid to upgrade, so afraid....

Sarah HB said...

Good luck with packing!!!

See you next Saturday.

I hope the Jetta gets fixed and it isn't too, too ugly.