Monday, January 21, 2008


Sorry to leave you all hanging like that. Well, maybe it was just Mel who was wondering...

The mattress arrived at 3 pm, right in the 1 to 4 window they gave me at 8:30. So I did get a nap from 9 to 11 (again on the couch) and it was much better because Lucy was busy sleeping in a sunbeam in the kitchen and I didn't have to share. The dog has no sense of proportions; I'm three times her size therefore I get three quarters of the couch. She thinks because there are two of us, she should get half. Great for her, not so great for me.

My bed seems to be about 3 feet higher then it was in Phoenix. My nighttime routine now include a little running start so I can hop in. Lucy is using her trunk/step and isn't having any issues. It's possible I shrunk while traveling cross-country.

I like the new mattress but it's a bit stinky with that weird chemical smell. I keep trying to let it air out but it's about a bajillion degrees below freezing here which contraindicates opening the windows for more than 5 minutes. Hopefully the stink will dissipate soon.

After my exciting Saturday day of waiting for a mattress, I actually left the house three times on Sunday (this is odd for me, once is usually enough.) First I had lunch with Eva! And a very good lunch it was. But, more importantly, it was with EVA! Later I walked Lu for about 30 seconds before my boogers froze and I made her go back in. Then I met some co-workers at a Mexican restaurant because the former librarian is back to train me for another week (thank god, I need it.) And I ate entirely too much (for the second time that day) so I came back home, watched the Amazing Race and then went to bed on the stinky mattress.

I believe you're all caught up now. Aren't you relieved? That vague sense of unease has left you and you're no longer carrying all that tension in your shoulders.

Oops, I forgot one thing. Sorry. Try to relax, it won't happen again.

4. Song of Susannah: Dark Tower VI - Stephen King. I don't like this one as much as the others, I think it's because the characters are separated for the majority of it.


Sarah HB said...

Glad the bed arrived!!!

Mine has a kinda weird smell but it is dissipating.

Ah, glad you could say Happy Birthday to Eva.

SheCrochets said...

I hate "new" smell, in cars or mattresses or whatever. Hopefully yours disappears soon!

Mel said...

Whew! I feel much better now. Thanks for the update ;-) But, did your boogers really freeze? I'm glad you were able to get together with Eva.
I wonder if they make box springs thicker than they used to because I had the same issue with my bed. Maybe it will at least deter Lu from sleeping with you and hogging it.