Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Phoenix vs. NOVA part 23

Vultures. I know there were turkey vulutes out in the deserts of Arizona but they didn't wander into the city...ever, as far as I saw.

Here in Northern Virginia (and south central PA) they have black vultures.

Sometimes a dozen of them will hang out on barn roofs on foggy mornings just to give a poor, defenseless girl the wiggens on the way to a job interview (Thanks Gettysburg, I spent the next 20 miles saying "They had to be gargoyles. No, one of them moved. But they looked all lumpy and staring. gahh.*shiver*)

Sometimes they hang out in groups of 5 by the side of the road in front of my complex and wait for a break in traffic to try to eat a freshly squished cat. Creepy little bastards. But Mother Nature showed them! The FSC was frozen solid in short order, thwarting the carrion removal service. And it stayed there for 2 more days...ok, they may be creepy but an hour of creepy would have been better then having to drive by the FSC 6 more times (it was really quite S'ed).

In other news - I have been knitting away but I can't show you any of it. On a related note: Mel - get ready to have a happy belated birthday in a few days, complements of the USPS.

And finally:
5. What the Dead Know - Laura Lippman. Something about this was off and I just couldn't believe any of the characters. The idea was a good one - two girls are kidnapped as teens and a woman claiming to be one of them shows up 30 years later - but the flashbacks didn't work well and hardly anyone was sympathetic. And no Tess Monaghan.

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noricum said...

In NC I encountered a vulture on my front sidewalk. (The shared portion for several units, not the wee bit that was mine specifically.)