Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Trio of Goats

Part of the AZ trip was a visit to the Tucson Wool Festival at The Withers' Ranch. Llamas, Jacob goats, one alpaca, angora bunnies and an inordinate amount of mohair goats. Many pictures were taken.

I liked this guy because it looked like he had a piece of salt water taffy stuck to his head. Licorice, I assumed.

Salt Water Taffy Horn

This big fellow was the mohair ram. Gigantic horns and - as an extra, added bonus - he was in rut. Which consists of him peeing and then rubbing his face in it. Apparently, that's all it takes to get the female goats all revved up. Also apparent? I am not a female, did this guy stink. Cool horns though.

Big Horn Mohair

[whisper]"Don't look now, but I think Mabel's gone and gotten herself posessed. Head's about to twist clean off. I'd leave right quick, before the pea soup starts flying."

Mohair goat

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