Tuesday, November 16, 2004

In honor...

...of our new IKEA, which has been visited by a number of knitbloggers and other S 'n B-ers.

From The Stupidest Angel (a heartwarming tale of Christmas terror) by Christopher Moore.

"No one knows why, but second only to eating the brains of the living, the dead love affordable prefab furniture."

"First we feast, then IKEA. First we feast, then IKEA."

"Well, they're pissed off and they're hungry. I was kinda busy trying not to get my brains eaten. They seemed pretty adamant about the brain-eating thing. Then they're going to IKEA, I guess."

If you like Tom Robbins or just offbeat novels, I highly recommend this book.

And I finally got a camera, so soon there shall be pictures.

And I gave up on "fixing" the fringe on the poncho, cause the fringes were nasty after the glue (duh). I ripped off the fringe and added a double crochet border for weight, but now I don't like the way that looks. I guess that's the joy of making your own clothes, you can always try something else. Or try a couple something elses.

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Anonymous said...

You could be all crazy and make fringe again, but tie a knot on the end of each one. Or string a bead and then tie a knot. But that might be a bit... whoa, beaded fringe ish?