Friday, December 17, 2004


it is impossible for me to have a normal week.

Good things that happened:
1. Finished the non-crochet christmas shopping
2. Had two days off from work
3. Finished some projects
4. Got to have lunch with Rita
5. Got to have dinner with Alison
6. Got to have dinner with Melanie
7. Got to hang with the SnB gang, and see the newest additions Jack and Angus
8. Somehow lost a few pounds even with all the eating out
9. Got some homemade christmas cookies
10. Someone gave me the gift of hot tea

Bad things:
1. Had the plague
2. Was forced to take two days off work due to attempted expulsion of lungs
3. Didn't finish all projects
4. Have a strong suspicion that the scale at work had been recalibrated and is weighing me incorrectly
5. Missed the cookie exchange

Surreal thing:
1. Had an interview with a representative of the Department of Defense today. The ex-boyfriend is trying for a better military security clearance and he put me down as a reference. We were together 3.5 years, have been apart for 2.5 years, I dumped him while he was out of the country, we fought about him not being a grown-up a lot and that's why we broke up, and yet he still used me as reference. But he didn't tell me I was going to be one, so this whole thing was a great big surprise. The 15 minute interview took about 1 hour at the end of my work day. It was an odd experience. I don't hate G and don't want to keep him from getting what he wants, but I know many things about him that aren't really flattering.

Things to look forward to:
1. Getting my hair cut by the beautiful Ms Becky tomorrow. I'm gonna be so purdy. Or at least shed the passing resemblance to a mop...I'm not expecting miracles, here.
2. Book club on sunday - it's a really nice, good bunch of women. I fell into this group after one of the participants in the writing class I took invited us all to join. I was the only one to do so, but they're not going to get rid of now! I really missed having a group out here.
3. In one week's time I'm gonna be hangin' with the fam! Or spending quality time with my immediate family members. Whichever.

Things to dread:
1. I have to clean this stupid apartment 'cause the book club is meeting here.
2. I have to go food shopping. Grocery stores, yuck. Actually, all stores, yuck.

Things are looking pretty good though. The good outnumbers the bad, the look forward to's outnumber the dreads. That adds up to a good week. Not normal, but good.

Tonight I'm taking it easy and storing up energy for the weekend. Maybe I'll actually finish something, possibly the flame hat.

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Jen said...

If I don't see you, have a great trip.

Ok, seriously, the DoD called you about your ex. HA! He must have a lot of faith in you, those people mean business and are usually kinda scary.

Cleaning the house after you've been sick is awful! But have fun with your book club...what book are you reading?