Thursday, December 16, 2004

As promised

I actually did get some stuff done last night. The black homespun hat is complete, but not photographed because it would just look like a black wad of... something. I had completed a scarf for Rita whose birthday is tomorrow and I had asked her previously what she would like for christmas (assuming that it would end up being a v v late gift). She said another scarf. Happy to oblige. So I also finished the second scarf for her. We met for lunch today and I gave them both to her. She immediately put one on, so I think she liked them.

L to R - Rita's christmas scarf from Durable Robina, Rita's birthday scarf from Buzz Yarn's A Little Loopy in Butter and my boss's scarf from Anny Blatt Angora, edged in Baby Catapilla (Buzz Yarns). The Baby Catapilla is the stuff that was giving me fits last week (i.e. the knotted skein from hell).

And since I was in a picture taking mood - various bags I have made.
Clockwise from the top - my first ever crochet project, made from Wool Ease Thick and Quick, my first novelty yarn project made from Fun Fur and Chunky USA and my first felting project, made from Landscapes. I am very tempted to put googly eyes on the fun fur bag and try to convince people that it's my new pet.

Tonight is the last SnB meeting of 2004, at least for me since I will be heading out of town next week. I am trying something new tonight. A black hat with flames, in wool, for my Harley repairin' cousin. But he doesn't know he's getting it so if it's too awful, he'll never have to know about it. I working off a basic hat pattern, but freehanding (freehooking?) the flames. For this kind of project, I prefer not to use a pattern, I think I learn more doing it myself. Of course I also have made some pretty damn funny things that way. There is a hat out there somewhere with accidental lattice work, it's rather amusing.

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Stephanie said...

Beautiful scarves! Glad to hear you're feeling better, wish you had been at the cookie exchange! Would have loved to been able to put a face to a blog! (I know, if I would just go to more SnB meetings I wouldn't have this problem!)
-halfbaked Stephanie