Thursday, January 13, 2005

Arrgguuhh (not Ugh)

I have spent from 5:30 until 10 minutes ago trying to get online. Something evil is going on between my computer, my phone line, the ethernet modem and my karma. I have talked to more polite technical people than I can count. And I hate having to fill that awkward silence while you wait for your computer to reboot.

And midway thru the process I called my parents and had a meltdown. I knew I shouldn't have called them right then, but they're going to be away this weekend and I wanted to catch them before that and before they went to sleep tonight. I did call them back and tell them things were working again, but I feel like I dumped a load of crap on them for no good reason.

And I have to finish the ribbon scarf tonight, 'cause I see the recipient tomorrow. It is also possible that her birthday is today, but I'm in no mood to speak to anyone, let alone be chipper about someone turning 30. Or maybe 31. Hell, my memory is as shot as the rest of me.

And I realize I spend $50 a month on drugs to keep me alive (ok, $40 for alive and $10 for vanity). And I have good insurance! How do people with bad/no insurance do it? Some of my subjects use the $150 they get a visit just to pay for their insulin and other drugs. And they come in 4 times a month. I'm in too pissy a mood to go into a well-though-out rant right now, but I have one word, Canada. I know it's not perfect, but it's better than this.

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Creative Genius? said...

Do you have a drug-by-mail program? I used to pay over $55 a month for my asthma meds until I started using the mail program - now I get 3 months worth of meds for the same price! Check to see if you have it - it's wonderful (and you get the meds in advance so I have 3 months sitting right in my house)!