Wednesday, January 12, 2005


I have heat! I probably don't need a root canal! I still hate my job!

The "guys" came today and got on the roof and performed some sort of magic and voila, I have heat.

The tooth pain is one of two things: sinus pressure or an abcessing tooth. Since I have had the plague for the last month and that is also the duration of the tooth issue...I'm going with choice A. Of course, I'm supposed to keep an eye on it (I assume with a mirror, cause it's hard to looking your own mouth otherwise don'tcha know) and if I have sudden, incapacitate pain, I should call.

I forgot one more "Ugh" item this morning. Last night, don't ask me how, I managed to stab myself under the nail on my left index finger with a sewing needle. You really don't realize how often you put pressure on your index finger until there is a little shooting pain every time you do so. But the pain is receding, so as long as I don't get gangrene, everything should be just fine.

Meeting some SnBers tonight at a local coffee house (Coffee Rush for those locals). And now I won't even have any guilt that I've left my dog to turn into a 4-legged fuzzy popsicle. I am finding it odd that I spend so much time in coffee houses lately, since I don't drink coffee and try to avoid caffeine after noon. Let's hear it for hot chocolate!

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