Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Ugh, Part II

My life is a serial!

My heat has been working poorly. Last night it was working...not at all, I guess is the best way to state it. The "guys" have been here the last two days, standing on chairs and leaving the toilet seat up, but I have no idea what's been done, since I'm at work when they're here. I can now conclude that what has been done is, zip, nada, nothing.

Yes I know it's Arizona and warm and all that, but 50 degrees is still a bit chilly to try and take a shower in.

And now I'm killing time before a dentist appointment to look at a wonky tooth. Stupid thing has been bothering me since before christmas. It's not Painful, but it occasionally causes me pain, and I thought it would go away. It hasn't. So, hi ho, hi ho, off to the dentist I go.

And after that I go to work. That is looking like it may be the worst part of the whole day.

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