Monday, January 17, 2005

Monkey Clothes

That's tonight's project, monkey clothes. I just hope I don't stab myself in the fingers too much.

I'm still having internet connectivity issue. I've been on the phone with the whole world for extended periods of time. Every time I turn on the computer, it's a crapshoot if the LAN connection will work or not. I'm getting snippy with service people who don't deserve it because of the frustration.

At this point, blame is falling directly on my apartment complex. The wiring outside (considered "inside" by qwest) was installed by what appears to be a chimpanzee with limited intelligence. If it rains, static-y line and possible outage. Irrigation cable is not generally used to wire phone lines. Wires twisted together leaving exposed copper and jammed into the ground are not conducive to a well functioning phone. Do you think all this may be connected to the lack of connection? Duh. And don't tell me I'm wrong when I'm looking at the crap with my own two eyes. I'm not an idiot, stop treating me like one, dammit.

I've been generally happy with this apartment, but the management has not been doing a great job the last few months. Not bad enough that I want to move, but it's starting to head that way.

Enough bitching. I can't do anything more until tomorrow so tonight I will focus on what I can do. Laundry. And monkey clothes.

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Mel said...

I know it's frustrating, but don't let those Chimps get you down. Maybe you should dress the sock monkey as a telephone repairman instead of a Pirate. He might be able to fix it better than the Apt maintenance guy ;-). But seriously, I wonder if there are any building codes that require the apt mgmt to fix that stuff. You've probably already been down that road. I hope they resolve it soon.