Saturday, January 15, 2005

Pajama Day: a review

Stayed in pajamas all day - check.
Watched tv and crocheted - check.
Ate crap food - check.

Pajama Day was not a complete success though. I finished up the green and pink shawl because I only had a few more rows to go. Maybe I can wear it to work on Monday! Ha! Wrapped it around my shoulders and checked my bad self out in the mirror and...boy did it look stupid. It wasn't long enough, it either wasn't wide enough or it was too wide. The colors still rocked, but that wasn't enough to save it. The remainder of the evening was spent frogging. At some point I'm going to try the plaid pattern out of the Vogue Crocheted Scarf book I got last week. At least the yarn is enjoyable to work with. And maybe next time I'll actually plan it out instead of winging it.

PJ Day is not yet over, however, so back to the couch I go searching for the next project to complete. There is still time to redeem the day.

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