Monday, January 10, 2005


I posted last night but deleted it this morning, since on re-reading it appeared I was actively suicidal. I'm not. Just the usual passive routes.

I just got rather down last night for unknown reasons. I know some of it's hormonal, but the I guess.

Today I got to listen to my boss tell me she was "disappointed" in me, because I didn't have know a certain number at the drop of her hat. Since I'm working on that project right now, why don't I know how many outstanding procedures there are? Because I'm in the middle of trying to figure that out! That's the project! Gosh!

In other news, can you tell I saw Napoleon Dynamite over my vacation?

I'm making a pledge, right here, right now. This is the order the WIP will be worked on and hopefully completed:

1. Sock Monkey - the anancephaic monkey is lying on my table giving me the creeps. And this is way overdue.

2. Mitten / gloves for my sister - while it's still cold in DC

3. Mom's socks - remember to pack with cinnamon gum from Trader Joes

4. Dad's Socks - ideally soon after mom's so as to save on trips to the PO

5. Pat's log cabin blanket - also, while it's still cold

6. Mom's sweater - so overdue I may just roll it into this year's birthday present.

At SnB meeting and other social get-togethers I am allowed to work on my pink and green shawl and another ribbon scarf since they are simple patterns and conducive to chatting. Maybe I'll let myself start something else when these two are done. Maybe charity stuff.

And maybe completing something will get me out of this funk.


Anonymous said...

"the anancephaic monkey..." Does this mean he's missing a head? Or just that his head isn't stuffed yet, hence no brain?


Anonymous said...


you can save yourself a trip to the post office by using:

Sign up for an account and you can print your own postage for free, even if the package is over 1 lb, and just drop it in a box, at the UPS store, etc.

Your green & hot pink shawl is absolutely gorgeous as I saw on Sunday at Pita Jungle and your Christmas haul, really nice!

Sarah in AZ