Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter FOs

First - the crochet version of the Clapotis.
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And a close up of the "dropped" stitches.
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Made from Berroco Cotton Twist. Colors 8307 and 8366 (aren't they just so descriptive.)

And a baby hat and baby booties. Obviously for a boy. I'd prefer not to buy into the whole gender color thing, but the best babyish yarn I had happened to be blue. Or really, really pink, which I don't think the mom would appreciate.
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The hat is from Lang Twin and the booties are from a giant cone of mohair-like yarn that I got from ebay. It didn't felt.

I'm not overly loving the hat or the booties. I have no idea if they'll fit, I couldn't find a good "free" bootie pattern and I fear I've contaminated it all by making them while I was contagious. But at least I'm ready for the baby shower...

Tonight - the SWTC sweater, which seems to be behaving itself a little better. And early to bed 'cause this cold is still kicking my ass.


Creative Genius? said...

Oh that looks terrific - you are the pattern making queen!

Stephanie said...

Hey Pam, those look fantastic! Out of curiousity, do dropped stitches in crochet behave the same way as dropped stitches in knit? (I don't know how to crochet which is why I ask)

Hope you get to kickin that cold's butt and start feelin better soon!

Jennifa said...

That's cool! I don't think I'd have the nerve to make a crochet pattern out of a knit pattern like that.

Vera said...

Your crocheted Clapotis is awesome. I knitted one, and love it, and I'd like to crochet one too. Do you have a written pattern you'd like to share?