Friday, March 11, 2005

FO Cattywhumpus Hat

Finished the pattern-less hat, now formally named "The Cattywhumpus Hat". I couldn't get a good picture tonight, I'll try again tomorrow with more light. Or, if I remember, I'll ask Kim to take one with me modeling (aren't you all so excited?)

Book list.
16. The Vanished Man - Jeffery Deaver. This book was so riveting I apparently had already gotten it from the library, read it and promptly forgot the whole thing, including the fact that I had even read it. I used to really like Deaver, he has written some original stuff like The Bone Collecter (which was turned into a movie. The book was better.)

His last few books, he's fallen into that "Suspence Novelist Trap" where the same elements keep coming up each time.

The Elements of a Deaver novel:
1. Bizarre murder
2. Forensic science stuff
3. Quadriplegic crisis (personal)
4. Used-to-be-a-model-now-a-cop-with-self-destructive-tendencies crisis (personal)
5. More murders (one of two types)
(a.) directly taunting the quad or the cop due to shared traumatic history
(b.) a serial killer with WAY to much time on their hands who creates overly elaborate death scenes full of cryptic clues
6. More science
7. Murder prevented, dramatically, at last minute (IMPORTANT: crucial evidence should be suppressed up to and including this step)
8. Crucial evidence presented
9. Case solved
10. Shocking twist that changes every facet of the preceding investigation and solves the case again
11. Personal crisis(es) solved, but in a half hearted, lukewarm fashion

Try and write your own, it's fun!

The next crochet project is...can't decide, too many choices, yarn everywhere...
Maybe I'll just pick the next pattern out of my new hat.

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