Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Good news, finally!

"Congratulations. The Admissions Committee of the Department of Library and Information Science (DLIS) has selected you to be a member of the fifth cohort of the FastTrack MLIS (FT/MLIS) Program. You will be joining a select group of highly motivated students preparing for careers as librarians via a Web-based educational experience. Our Master of Library and Information Science students are career oriented from the start; and in 1999, our MLIS program was ranked third in the nation by U. S. News & World Report in large part because our graduates are successful in securing challenging and exciting professional positions."

I'm in. Now I just have to figure out how to pay for it and find adequate time to do the work in. But I'm in. And it did come in e-mail form.

And I had a job interview today. It's more of a writing position for which I have no "official" experience, but there is also research, at which I know I can kick butt. They are sending me some test work to do (and I think I actually get paid for that!).

Minuses -
* It's at 101 and Raintree, 1/2 hour with no traffic, probably closer to 1 hour with traffic.
* Their health insurance sounds potentially wonky. Some huge deductible and a health account and out of pocket blah blah blah.
* I'm not sure if I agree with what they are selling. It has that tinge of snakeoil, but it could go either way.
* I obviously didn't ask for enough $$ since they agreed to it pretty damn quick.

I can almost see it as being a work-from-home-sometimes position or even freelance, but I didn't feel comfortable bring that stuff up yet. I think I could dig a freelance gig. Maybe. Or it may drive me nuts with the instability aspect of it.

I hate change.

Crochet news - not much. Met some folks at Cupz last night, Melanie, Kim, Jude and Ashley. Worked on a Magic Stripe hat of my own design, that isn't turning out how I expected, but may be ok even so.

Off to ponder.


Becky said...

First... Congrats on being accepted into school again..

Also, "congrats"?!?!?!? on the job interview... I don't know whether or not you are excited about that job so I will leave it at that...

Becky :)

Stephanie said...

CONGRATULATIONS on your acceptance into school! How exciting! I may have to pick your brain on Library Sciences. A friend of mine is a librarian and it's something that pops into my mind every now and again as something I might be interested in switching to!