Monday, March 14, 2005

It's like frickin' Wild Kingdom over here

As I sat, minding my own business, watching tv, a black and white cat came to the back door and stared at me. And meowed. Loudly. I chucked a ball of yarn at the door, attempting to scare it away. This was to prevent Lucy from traveling thru the sliding glass door to visit said cat. The cat didn't move. It kept meowing. Loudly.

I got up and shoo-ed it away. And stupidly figured it had gone for good. An hour later, I let Luce out without checking the yard. The cat bounded over the wall and Lucy spent the next 5 minutes running in circles, peering over the wall and whining. Then she peed and came inside.

Not only is my backyard a haven for dead and dying birds, all the neighborhood cats think it's the ginchy-ist place ever to hang out. This is not the first time a random cat has come to the back door and stared at me. This is not the first cat Lucy has wanted to make friends with at 25 miles an hour. This is the first cat to meow quite so...loudly.

And once there was a baby bunny, just chillin'.

Next week, what, a wombat? A warthog? A whooping crane?

And oddly enough, I don't think the bird and cat situations are related. The dead birds have all had their heads attached.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe that was my black and white cat, who was missing at the time. Maybe he saw yarn and thought it was home.