Thursday, March 31, 2005

Super - Klutz!!!!

Super-Klutz strikes again.

I don't think I've filled the blog-world in on my long and proud history as Super-Klutz. Suffice to say, there could probably exist on its own a blog dedicated to my less-than-graceful exploits. And everyone who read it would immediately feel better about themselves, because at least they haven't fallen up and down the same set of stairs in 4 hour period.

I was taking Lucinda Mae out for a little constitutional / mail retrieval. This is something that is done at least once a week, often more. The same path is followed. Make a right out of the door, another right, past the pool, past the office, around the back, pick-up mail, another right and a final right back into the door. The loop (notice all the rights) takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on how many things on the ground there are for Lucy to try and eat without me noticing.

We completed the first half of the journey successfully. After mail retrieval, as we were going down the side of the street (no sidewalk at this point) and I was leafing thru my mail, looking for mysterious sums of money, I tripped.


A one foot wide, diagonally yellow striped SPEED BUMP. ON FOOT.

I managed to twist my right knee and left ankle, lose a shoe and almost decapitate Lu by jerking hard on the leash for balance (it didn't work).

So, ow. And when I'm whining tomorrow that I'm stiff and sore and don't know why, please point me back to this entry. And then remind me to watch where I'm walking.

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Heather said...

Pam, you are just so funny!! Just so you feel better, my family is convinced I am just about the klutziest person in the world. I'm happy to know someone just like me (want to compare ER stories)!