Friday, April 01, 2005

Too many knitters

It was a good group that took over an area of Coffee Rush last night. Literally took over, we trapped some poor man at his table because we had blocked off his only exit.

Eva - dropped her first stitch on the Clapotis. A respectful moment of silence followed.

Ashley - worked on the giant wonky mess that will become a felted bag some time in the future.

Heather - made some progress on the Shawl That Ate Chicago.

Kirstin - I know she had her Clapotis and another shawl with her, but I am completely blocked on what her current project was.

Illana - she had her Kool-ade dyed yarn and some socks and once again I am blocked as to her current project.

In my defense, Kirstin and Illana were on the other side of the table.

I worked on the bathwrap and a bit on mom's socks. Both of which are at very boring stages.

And today - I'm actually working. Like at a real honest-to-goodness job. It's a bit surreal.

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illanna said...

I don't know if I ever mentioned what I was making so I don't think it's your fault. I just assume everybody reads my blog, so I don't have to ever talk ;) I was working on that cabled tee shirt in bamboo yarn from the vintage pattern. Kirsten was doing a test knit tank top in white cotton. I had so much fun knitting with everybody! Maybe next time we'll be able to score a nicer spot :)