Saturday, April 02, 2005

Books. Yay Books.

Just got back from the Arizona Book Festival. This is the second year I've gone and it's a lot of fun for a book hog such as myself. Authors and publishers and local writing groups and bookstores and many people who have written a book featuring their dog who was manning (dogging?) the booth with them.

And I showed some restraint and only bought 3 books. The first was one of the choices for OneBookAZ. If you haven't heard of that, it's a once-a-year statewide program promoting a book. The author tours the state for the month of April and has discussions and signings, and other discussion groups pop up as well. This year they actually picked two books dealing with the same subject, one fiction, one non. I got Sunk Without a Sound and my friend got Grand Ambition and we're going to switch in a few weeks. And try to make an event, but we have trouble coordinating our schedules. Even today, we planned to meet at the Macao's on Central and Indian School but there was a parade or something going on so I was stuck on 7th Street and she was stuck on 7th Avenue and we just couldn't get to each other. Well, obviously we eventually got to each other but we had to go north all the way to Missouri before we could cross Central. And we ended up eating somewhere else. Last year we planned to meet there, but her car died in her driveway as she was leaving and she didn't make it.

The other books were about (1) King Authur and (2) Irish folk and fairytales. Both subjects I have read books derived from, but never the source material.

I know I know the legend of King Authur, but I'm hard pressed for details. Like last night on Joan of Arcadia. They were holding a mock trial for Jack of Jack and the Beanstalk fame and I realized halfway thru the show that I was a bit fuzzy on the details. I remembered the magic beans and the cow and the giant, but I didn't remember the giants wife or the golden goose. And now I want to find a book a fairytales and refresh my memory.

And the festival was help on the grounds of the old Phoenix public library (the Carnegie Center to be exact). I'm noticing a lot more libraries and details thereof since my acceptance into Library school. Which starts in a month and a half. Gack!

Crochet news - the bathwrap will probably be finished tonight. Next up, the socks. Then the sweater. And I have a vague idea for another project - I have lots of cotton yarn in bright, bright colors. I was planning an afghan made of granny squares with 3-D flowers, kind of a 60's flower power thing. But I don't know if I have enough yarn or enough desire for that. Right now, I'm thinking bathrobe. These aren't colors I'd wear out of the house, but after a shower - sure thing. It's just an idea for now - I have no idea of the logistics yet.

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