Monday, April 04, 2005

It almost make ME want a baby

Another FO to report (and for everyone out there who doesn't know, FO=Finished Object)

The Lion Bathwrap

I used CottenEase in Pineapple and Orangeade.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Close-up of the tail
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And finally, a picture so sickeningly sweet, you may go into ketoacidosis just looking at it.
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Admit it - you just went "Awww".

So that's done, 12 days before the shower, I'm actually ahead of the game for once.

Another book.
23. The Basic Eight - Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket). A Series of Unfortunate Events Grown-Up Style. And quite funny. And you have to pay attention. Two thumbs up.

And one more picture. I'll let y'all decide if it's sweet or disturbing.
Image hosted by

Auuggghh!!! Dog lips!


Heather said...

Simply adorable, Pam! Nope, didn't make me want another kid! :)

Creative Genius? said...

OH MY GOSH........ I LOVE IT!!! Where did you get such a cute pattern??? It makes me want a baby - but so does anything these days!!! Oh you are the best crochetter in the whole wide world!

Eva said...

CUTE!! So CUTE!! My favorite part is the tail.

Kirsten said...

The bath towel is SOOOOO cute!! Congrats on finishing it early.

Hunny said...

I have to go to a shower this weekend! I wish I had made that!!

Jennifa said...

That's adorable! So's the doggie :)

Sarah HB said...

Pam...that is very cute! Heck, it could be a costume for a really little baby!

Nice job and congrats on getting it done BEFORE the shower!

Anonymous said...

Why do baby things have to be so cute?! Looks so good, I am singing Lion King songs in my head now. - Melanie

Trish said...

WOW, that is the cutest thing! I want a baby too!!!!!!!!!!!

stefani said...

Now that is just adorable. I want one! Just have to decide which one I want (baby or bathwrap) LOL! What a fantastic baby shower gift!

Stephanie said...

Wow Pam! Amazing and adorable :D