Monday, April 11, 2005

Fashion dilemma

So, tomorrow, I have to actually leave my house to go to work. The next project is to find the perfect outfit. It must accomplish the following things:

1. Look nice enough to make a good impression on the co-workers I will be meeting for the first time. Possibly including the CEO.

2. Be practical enough to go thru a manufacturing facility where I will be required to put on a hairnet, booties and possibly a bunny suit.

3. Photograph well - Company picture

4. Stretch - Company lunch

5. Make me look thinner and taller than I am

I'm thinking pants.

I'm really only hoping to achieve the first 3, 4 and 5 are optional, but appreciated.

And Lucy got her summer 'do today.

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Completely shaved. She looks like she's been upholstered. And it makes her look like a puppy. She thinks she looks great.

And yes, her favorite spot to hang out is on the tile, looking out the front door.

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Sarah HB said...

Here is what I would do....of course, Lord knows I have perfect fashion sense (ROFL)....

Nice pair of dress pants, dressier (read not totally casual) knit top, a nice jacket and medium heeled dress shoes with trouser socks.

My reasoning, the pants and jacket will give you a polished look, the knit top will be comfortable but look ok under the jacket, will also be comfortable for the plant tour. Shoes, comfortable but nice looking and could slip booties over the top!

Ok...enough advice! Good luck!