Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Freaked out and pissed off is no way to live

As if being completely freaked about my future isn't enough...

This is taken verbatim from librarygrrl.

"K-Mart Pharmacist Must be Stopped!
April 27th, 2005
As reported in Feministing, a pharmacist employed by K-Mart in Arizona recently wrote a letter to the Arizona Republic encouraging pharmacists to lie to customers about the availability of (what can only be assumed to be contraceptive) medications. Bitch. Ph.D. calls on folks to contact K-Mart and ask for action about him. Below is the letter I sent through their web form. If you think that pharmacists should be required to dispense medications which a.) they stock and b.) are prescribed by doctors to patients, you might want to contact them too.

'I would like to know whether or not you intend to continue to employ a pharmacy manager who thinks it is okay to lie to customers before I decide whether or not to continue shopping at your stores. Dan Gransinger, a pharmacy manager from Scottsdale, AZ wrote a letter to the editor of the Arizona Republic on April 15, 2005 in which he tells pharmacists to lie to patients about the availability of medications stocked in their pharmacies. Would you like for all of your store employees to lie to your customers about the products available in your stores? Do you think it is appropriate for the pharmacist to make a decision about whether to dispense a medication which a patient and his/her doctor have determined is necessary for them to have? If you do think that is appropriate, you can count on losing my business, the business of my friends and family, and the business of like-minded individuals. Lying to customers and forcing them to go elsewhere is unacceptable and immoral. Shame on Dan Gransinger, and shame on K-Mart for employing him!'"

Here's me again.

Janet Napolitano did such a great thing, vetoing that stupid "Conscience Bill". And here's this dumbass with his 2 cents.

Sure, let's everyone just lie and put other people's health at risk. I mean, if they're asking for Emergency Contraception it stands to reason that they must be a bad person and therefore if you lie to them you'll still go to heaven. God only punishes bad people who lie, not us nosy-parkers who are just looking out for those poor, helpless souls. Won't somebody think of the children!!!


This guy wants EC to be dispensed only when the general public (which is what the pharmacist is in this case) thinks it's ok. And what happens when some one else decides that insulin is evil or antibiotics are the spawn of Satan? And what happens when the woman trying to get the medication has to take more drastic measures, ones that put her even more at risk.

You know, dead people make really bad repeat customers.

Please write to Kmart and tell them that you're not going to shop there until this asshat gets, at least, severely reprimanded or, at best, fired.


Megan said...

Good post - thanks for pointing people my way! :) I'm still so shocked that this guy would actually suggest LYING in such a public forum. WTF is he thinking (besides the obvious socially conservative "women should be barefoot and pregnant" line he's following)? Harrumph!

eva said...

I'm trying to find out from someone I know in the profession, what professional organization I can forward the article to so they know what this idiot is doing. It's mean of me, I know, but you shouldn't publicly tell people to lie and not expect to get in trouble for it. What a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about that, since reading it on Megan's site. It feels like there should be something local we can do (other than going and spitting on the guy I mean) but I haven't thought of anything. (Anything legal and moral, anyway.) Any ideas?