Thursday, April 28, 2005

Oh, my

Oh, my. I certainly was in quite the mood yesterday, wasn't I.

Good things did happen, though.

My contract was extended for another month. I think they are realizing that the researcher position is eventually going to run out of things to research. So I just have to find some other way to make myself indispensable.

I stopped at Jessica Knits after my work meeting. The office is way up on Raintree and the 101, but on the plus side, it's about 5 minutes from Jessica's. I was looking for self-striping sock yarn, some thing with really thick, bright stripes, to further continue the sock habit I've gotten into. Unfortunately, she didn't have anything that just screamed "Me, Me, Me!" but I did get some sock weight cotton/acrylic in bright green, pink and yellow and am going to make my own stripes. So there.

Lost kinda sucked (clip show) but Mean Girls was good.

I was actually in a better mood yesterday then I have been. This past weekend was a rather blah time, but it has gotten better. Being down sometimes is normal, I know, but I'm always scared that it may not end and then I'm extra happy when I finally get happy. If that makes sense.

The place I work (who I don't want to name or link to for blog privacy reasons) is selling some very good vitamin and mineral supplements online. I should be getting a 10% off coupon soon to disseminate at will, so if anyone wants the company website and coupon code, just leave a comment with your email and I'll get back to you.

Oh, and Kmart wrote back to me, but they were just acknowledging the letter I sent. The complaint will be sent to the appropriate department, blah blah blah.

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illanna said...

Thanks for the coupon Pam! I can't wait to see how the socks turn out. Fiber Factory has some Regia that stripes big, if you're still looking for it :) You will be so proud of me: I am going to a free crochet workshop when I go to NY. The person teaching it wrote a crochet book for kids, and she's teaching everyone there to crochet and she got all the supplies donated by Morehouse yarns and Coats and Clark! I can't wait to learn something new :) Do you want me to bring back a signed book for you? Let me know :)