Friday, April 15, 2005

The obligatory Google entry

I’ve mentioned that I recently installed a stat counter. And I’m rapidly becoming obsessed. And of course, what is intriguing me the most is the searches people have entered that have lead them to me.

So in no particular order, here is the first installment of “Wacky Googling”.

*’movie quote throw out the window gladiolas’. Spot #15. People in Reykjavik, Iceland apparently like Drop Dead Fred too.

*’fall in love with their best friend’. Spot #8. Umm, Melanie, is there something we need to talk about?

*’monkey clothes’ #5. This person must have been disappointed, because the clothes are still just a figment of my imagination.

*’hip knitter’ #6. Dude, no. This is a hip crochet blog. You need to head down to Knitty at spot #7.

*’soy silk kool aid yarn’ #41. Which is a good spot because I haven’t done that yet either.

*’thyroid cancer tooth pain’ #13. Well, that was 2 separate entries, so I probably wasn’t too much help. And I don’t know that the two things are really related anyway. Your thyroid is kinda low to be applying pressure to your teeth. Unless it’s one hell of a goiter.

*’very short bangs blue hair’ #1 of 1. Someone in the Philippines narrowed their search down a bit too much.

And then there are the hits for ‘odd crochet’, ‘60’s crochet’ (Ilanna? Is that you?), ‘kinky crochet’ and ‘crochet monkey ears’. Those make sense. Sort of.

But how did my blog become the go-to place for fauxhawk research? Maybe the fates are telling me it’s time to change my hairstyle.

And pictures of the naked sock monkey keep popping up too. There are some sick folks out there. Hopefully they’re not the same ones looking for kinky crochet.

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illanna said...

It wasn't me, but somebody found my blog by typing in "used panties" into yahoo. Very bad...