Thursday, April 14, 2005

Rock n' Roll (again)!

Last night I went with Melanie to see The Kings Of Leon at Martini Ranch. (FYI: Melanie is da bomb when it comes to winning free tickets. Which I probably shouldn’t have told y’all, since I’m her designated second fiddle and don’t really want my post usurped.)

So, Kings Of Leon, right. 4 guys. Three of them looked like crosses between Nigel Tufnel and Joaquin Phoenix. Who got hold of the hairspray and flat iron. The drummer was a crunchy granola hippie and didn’t really fit the others. Of course, the first three are brothers, so crunchy drummer doesn’t really have a chance.

True confessions time. I have a thing for drummers. Show me a band’s drummer and I’ll show you my next imaginary husband. It’s a character flaw, but I’ve come to accept it. Well, drummers except for a select few and last night’s dude fell into this category. He will remain perfectly comfortable hanging out with Tre Cool from Green Day and MXPX’s drummer (the one in the middle). Oh, and there are a few bassists in the imaginary husband group, primarily this guy.

I did learn some thing last night. The lead singer stated that they were told to play for 20 to 45 minutes, but that they “were going to play for a fuck longer than that. Whooo!” Judging by the length of the show, a fuck is equal to 15 minutes. And I’m just going to let everyone make their own jokes about that.

There were no overwhelming trends at the show. I did notice a lot of little, square eyeglasses on guys, but I think that may just be a general populace thing.

There was a preponderance of guys who had a certain air about them. An I-almost-joined-a-frat-but-I-thought-I-might-put-a-band-together-and-probably-wouldn’t-have-enough-time-to-do-both air. In other words, fratty but music-nerdy at the same time. I probably should have taken pictures.

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Berly's Blog said...

I am dying! I can't believe you saw Kings of Leon last night! I just read a great article in Spin magazine about them! They are cutie pies! I am really jealous! If Jonny would have been in town I would have been there with bells on!