Saturday, April 30, 2005

Pop Quiz

What action, when completed, can accomplish the following things:

1. Ruins your evening plans to see a concert.
2. Makes you abandon a good friend to said concert, alone
3. Takes away your ability to crochet for an evening and possibly much longer
4. Forces you to Google something with your pinky
5. Allows you to contemplate living on cold cereal for the rest of your life
6. Lets you fall asleep with your hand in a bowl of water, while no slumber party was going on around you
7. Scares the crap out of the dog with the accompanying cursing.
8. Confirms your designation of Super Klutz

The answer?

Pouring boiling water over both hands.

Yeah, I know. Dumbass.

Things are looking much better this morning. There were never really any blisters, placing the burns in the first degree category. But, mother of god, did it hurt!
My left hand seemed to have recovered 95% by this morning (thumb and pointer). My right hand is at about 50% (every finger but the pinky). There's only a little redness and they feel stiff and a bit swollen, but that may be because they are still waterlogged (I had both hands soaking in cool water all night. It was the only thing that alleviated the pain. That, and 6 ibuprofen and 1 naproxen.). I've been burned worse, but not in such a large area and in such a sensitive area.

Now that boiling water is out of my cooking repertoire, I will have to subsist entirely on peanut butter sandwiches, made only with a blunt knife. Right now, I'm ok with that.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I can see how you didn't feel up to the concert!!!!!!

I hope your hands feel better soon! did you pour boiling water over BOTH hands?