Friday, April 22, 2005


No, my ship is not sinking, it's the other SOS.

Dad's socks have cuffs and heels and are starting to have feet. They'd have more length but the width seemed off so I've been guesstimating and frogging and so on.

I got some pretty, pretty yarn but I don't have enough oomph to take a picture. Let's just say it's recycled silk and it's fabulous.

I'm spending all day at my computer which is giving me no desire to mess around on it after work hours and is also giving me craptacular headaches. A new prescription for both glasses and contacts is in the works, but not yet resting on my nose or corneas.

Once school starts, I will be at this blankety blank computer even longer each day. I have no response to that right now, it's just too overwhelming.

Have finished some reading.
27. Fear Less - Gavin de Becker. Same guy that wrote The Gift of Fear which was excellent, all about trusting your instincts and not letting the idea of fear get in the way of actual, appropriate fear. This one, however, got rushed out 6 weeks after 9/11 and didn't have nearly the same impact on me. Since I bought it at the dollar store, for the bargain price of $1, lack of impact was only to be expected. But go read The Gift of Fear, it's worth it.

28. Writing Down the River: Into the Heart of the Grand Canyon - Kathleen Jo Ryan, photography and production. 15 female writers took separate trips down the Colorado and wrote about it. Ryan supplied the accompanying pictures. The art is wonderful, the words, not so much. Some of the essays are good, many are very flowery and spiritual and healing and got on my nerves after the first two. Part of the current Grand Canyon obsession going on in Casa Hip Hip.

Tonight I just got back from Changing Hands where I saw Allison DuBois and got her new book signed. If you don't know, Allison is the psychic from the Phoenix area that the NBC show "Medium" is based on. She sees dead people, but in a less "Sixth Sense"y kind of way. She was interesting to listen to and had some pretty cool ideas on heaven and hell and loved ones who have passed on. Actually very positive stuff. The book is short, but should be intriguing. The signing itself was mobbed, over 400 people were there and she signed all of their books. I know this because I was in space 343. I can't believe I stuck around that long. On a positive note, she didn't look at me and then pass out from the horror of what she saw lurking around me, so life must not be too bad.

Now I must sleep. Tomorrow is SOS and I want to be well rested for it all.

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