Monday, April 25, 2005

Um, hello

I can't think of an overall theme for this post, so just relax and enjoy the ride.

Here's the recycled silk yarn that I got last week. Pretty, pretty, pretty.
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Here's a thingy that I need to hang on my wall.
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Here's Lucy engaged in her favorite pastime.
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The dog is obsessed with licking feet. It's worse if there's lotion involved. She's got the best-lubricated GI system of any dog in the neighborhood.

Mom got her socks and has worn them. In the basement. Which actually makes some sense, because PA basements can be cold and damp places. Especially in their last house where every possible appliance or accoutrement that could leak, did. Into the suspended ceiling. And don't even get me started on whole radon thing.

Dad's socks are finished and just need to be washed/blocked. They seem small to me, but not having a male with a size 10 foot hidden in my closet, I'm just gonna have to accept it. I also started another pair of socks, for me this time. Cotton sock yarn from the sale bin at Fiber Factory in bright citrus-y colors. At least I think they're citrus-y. Pictures of socks at a later time when I finally get out of the office and into the living room, where they are currently located.

And another book:
29. Don't Kiss Them Good-bye - Allison DuBois. I talked a little about this in the last post. A bit more instructional then I needed it to be, especially since I don't have a child with the gift, but interesting nonetheless.

Melanie, did you want to borrow my copy or did you get Toni's?


Mel said...

That recycle silk is gorgeous! WHatcha gonna make? I would like to borrow your book, if you don't mind...

Sarah said...

Did you order the recycled silk online or get it in town?

It is gorgeous...let us know what you decide to make!