Thursday, May 12, 2005

I give up

I can read on the computer. Obviously, or I wouldn't have a 126 blogline subscriptions.

But I can't read the dozens of pdf files that I need to for this week of class. So I printed them out. Well over 500 pages and I don't care. Damn the trees, full speed ahead.

And my printer just ran out of ink. Oh well, I had to go back to Office Max to exchange the microphone I got anyway. Everything is refusing to be simple.

Crochetwise - I got 4 rows done on the SWTC sweater while hanging out with Melanie for a little bit. She's having as frustrating a week as I am. We both needed to get out of our respective houses and not think for a while.

Tomorrow night I'm going the MxPx concert with a book club friend. If should be a blast, but I definitely will not be hitting on the drummer.

And one more book - possibly the last for-fun reading I'll ever get to do. Sigh.
33. We Thought You Would Be Prettier - Laurie Notaro. I love Laurie and will continue to buy her books as they come out. Having said that, this was her weakest book in my opinion. It seem rushed and not all the essays were up to her usual standard. But it was still funny and if you want to laugh, go get one of her books.

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Mel said...

Have fun at the Show. The drummer is a Red head and you're not going to hit on him? What's up with that? Ok I looked at the band photo on and he kind of looks like an IT guy, but still....