Thursday, May 12, 2005

Little by Little

Just finished my first online chat with 38 of my librarian-to-be acquaintances. It was about as confusing as you'd expect.

Next week it's a 50 person on-line conference call. I'm not expecting much important info to come out of that one. Well, maybe I'll get to confirm that my one professor is a guy. Name of Christinger, goes by Chris. Who knows?

And I just found out that our profs can spy on us and see how much time we are on the blackboard system and what we looked at. Doesn't that just give you the warm fuzzies.

Absolutely no crochet was done today. And none will be done, since I'm going out.

But tomorrow there will be tattoo pictures!


Sarah said...

Um...are you getting another tattoo or photos of the old one?

noricum said...

We have blackboard here too... and although I was a TA occasionally, I honestly didn't care what those statistics were. :P (In fact, I had even forgotten about them.) Sure, Big Brother can spy on you, but I highly doubt that he is.