Friday, May 13, 2005

Go Bedouin Px

My ears are ringing. I keep thinking I hear music playing in the living room. It's not.

Tonight was a Warped Tour kick off party at Martini Ranch. And all three bands were great.

Go Betty Go is 4 tiny girls rocking very hard. The Edge plays one of their songs "Come On, Come On". Very cool.

Bedouin Soundclash is 3 Canadian dudes playing a reggee/rock mix. They were mellower and covered U2's "New Year's Day" so that was neat.

And finally, the headliners/surprise guest, MxPx. They were truly awesome, with the punk rock and the tattoos and the pogoing and the singing along. They were funny and smart and they sang good too.

So glad I went. And so glad I was able to take Sunshine, my new book club friend, who just happens to love MxPx and have a birthday yesterday. Sunshine has some potential good news coming down the pike, so let's all cross out fingers and toes and everything else and wish her luck.

And now on to the list portion of the evening:

Ratio of Under 21 to 21 and Over concert goers - 1:1
Ratio of Space allotted to Under 21's compared to Over 21's - 0.5:1.5
The poor little young 'ens were all squished. But they looked like they were having fun.

Percentage of Hot Drummers - 66%
Go Betty Go and Bedouin Soundclash stuck to the hot drummer game plan. MxPx still has Yuri and he just doesn't do it for me. I think Melanie thinks he cute though...

Baby Punks - 2
Fedoras - 2
Old man golf hats - 1
Young guys who just didn't quite have the balls to actually talk to Sunshine, so they just stared - 1
Short guys with overdeveloped upper bodies crushing me against the bar while taking pictures with their freakin' Blackberry - 1
Short guys who got elbowed in the side "accidentally" - 1

Amount of time spent standing directly behind Heather Lewis from the Edge - 5 songs worth.
Number of words said to Heather Lewis - 6. "It's ok, I can still see."

Hot guys who could actually be called beautiful because of some special arrangement of their eyes and cheekbones - 2.
Mike, the lead singer from MxPx and one of the baby punks. Do you know the type of guy I mean? They don't really resemble like real people, but they are fun to look at.

Shirts written with poor grammar - 1
Punks Not Dead. Well, that's great but do you really need to stick a knife in your 6th grand English teacher to say so? Apostrophes people, not just for possessive nouns anymore.

Number of unrequited crushes - 1
MxPx has a rhythm guitarist named Seth playing with them for some shows. He's leaving soon to play with his own band, whose name I didn't quite get. It was something like Eager C, so if anyone has any idea please let me know so I can start the stalking process good and early. He's my new imaginary boyfriend.

Amount of money spent on concert: zero dollars
Amount of money spent on booze: $5.50
The knowledge that I can actually go to a concert without parboiling my fingers: priceless.

Now I must to bed. Maybe if I put the pillow over my head I'll stop hearing that phantom music...

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