Sunday, May 15, 2005

Saturday: A Retrospective

Yawn, blink, yawn.

Read, read, read

Granola bar

Read, read, read


Read, Read, Read


Read, read, hook, read

"Holy crap, I can read and crochet at the same time"

Read, read, hook, read

Stomach pains

"How convinent, a pull tab on my soup-of-many-objects"


"Easy open can, my ass"

Poke, stab, prod, pliers

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Read, read, hook, read

Read, read, glue, read


"Ford, I think I'm a sofa"



"Wow, that margarita was a lot stronger than I thought it would be. Thanks for driving my car back home"

Chat, chat, listen to music

Slightly off kilter FO picture taking

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Sober up

Chat, chat, chat

Drive to graduation par--

Drive back home to pick up hat

Drive to graduation party

"No thanks, I've been intoxicated already once this evening"

Apples to Apples


Drive home

Sleep, sleep, sleep


Sara said...

ROTFLMAOPIMP!!!!!!!! you had me at the soup!

Sarah said...

Wow, impressive that you have that many tools in your kitchen to get the darn soup can open!

That was a cute hat for the graduate's "camel"?

Jewels said...

lmfao....I love the day's itinerary