Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More yarn

Sarah did lend me her swift and winder (Thank You) and the result is this:

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The next reclamation project is this:

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Note the length, the bell sleeves, the lime green color, the mohair and THE HOOD. It's the 1980's come to life. I have no idea what this yarn is going to be, but I couldn't let it stay in that Goodwill all by it's lonesome any longer.

Shawl progress - negative. The boucle wasn't working with the lacy pattern so I frogged it. I switched to a plain worsted weight to see if I could figure out the pattern more and have to decided to finish a shawl with it. If the end product isn't something I'll wear, I'll pass on as a prayer shawl.

I'm going to try and still make a shawl with the boucle, just not lacy. Probably still the gradated triangle effect, but no holes. The yarn doesn't need a complicated pattern.

Tonight, I decided to give myself a night off from school work. Instead, I'm balling the rest of the skeined yarn in my house while I have the swift. If it's an impressive pile (and not too embarrassingly large) I'll document it tomorrow.


Eva said...

Swifts rule! I bought one with some of my graduation money. I am SO glad I did. I can't imagine how I lived without it!

stefani said...

I wanted to reuse the yarn on some old sweaters but I cannot bear to cut them up. Maybe I should go and buy some sweaters and I will not feel so badly about it. :-)

Thanks for the link for the shawl. I had seen this pattern before and thought it would be a nice one to make. Is it really difficult?