Thursday, June 09, 2005

Swifting fiend

Busy night last night:

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I especially like the tribble in the upper right.
That pile is mostly the soy silk chenille from the Christmas party. And tribble.

Then I sat on the couch and frogged my fool head off:

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This used to be a 80's sweater. Now it's not. Half mohair, half acrylic, all limey.

Right now, Lucy is getting her teeth cleaned. Actually, right now Lucy is waking up from anesthesia, sitting up and listing to one side while staring at the far wall and wondering why her gums hurt. How do I know? She got drunk once (an idiot at a party left a big-gulp size jack-and-coke on the floor. I found her muzzle deep in it.) and spent the rest of the evening sitting, listing to one side and staring at the far wall. She even woke me up in the middle of the night because she was sitting on the bed, on my foot, listing to one side and staring. And the last time she was under anesthesia (teeth? knee? who knows) I call to see if she was ready to be picked up, the tech went to look and just started laughing. And then he said "Well, she's sitting up but she kind of listing to one side and staring." to which I replied "I know that look, she'll be good to go soon."

And so, I'm off to get the Leaning Tower of Puppy. Now New and Improved with Less Tartar.


Mel said...

Now that your yarn is wound, how "swiftly" will you be using it in a project? That's a lot of limey yarn!

Hope Lucy is feeling well and that you're not blinded by the whiteness of her new tartar-free teeth.

Jewels said...

awwww, my Curly-dog sends Lucy freshbreath doggy smoochies.
Thay limey yarn looks cool.

Sara said...

I can just picture Lucy now. "Funky Monkey". I love the lime yarn!

Sarah said...

I love the lime!!!!!!!

Cam't wait to see the Kool Aid dyed yarn!

Hopeing Lucy is feeling better.