Monday, June 06, 2005

Oooo, yaaarrrrnnnn

The reclaimed sweater, post-reclaiming, pre-washing.

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It was a size small, long sleeve sweater. It will be a size (bleep) short sleeve / sleeveless sweater. Eventually. The yarn is a flat, ribbon-y, grayish, green cotton/linen/ramie. I'm sure the color has some vegetative equivalent, but I can't decide what it is. Not sage or celery or grass. Not lettuce or mold or unripe tomato. It look a lot like dusty miller, but I don't think that plant has made it into the color name vernacular yet.

But maybe it's about time it did. From now on, every green that is kinda grayish will be called Dusty Miller. Please spread it around.

And a side note - how is it I can photocopy large quantities of paper continuously for 2 hours and the only paper cut I get is during delivery? Any why won't it stop bleeding?


Eva said...

Roger that! Dusty Miller. It sounds like a J. Crew color name. You know, like "aubergine" or something.

It's kind of like when I first said the word "strappy" in reference to sandals in a conversation with my mom - years before it was part of the fashion vernacular.

Bethany said...

Definately Dusty Miller. And pretty yarn too.

Luscious Gracious said...

That color is SOOO dusty miller, although I thought that my Master Gardner parents were the only ones who called that plant by that name. You know, they learned all of the Latin names, then decided on their own. Kind of like when I was surprised to find out that Johnny Cash DID exist, that he wasn't just my dad in black clothes. Can't wait to see what you do with the green sweater, too. What are you going to call that yarn? Kiki