Thursday, July 07, 2005

Lots of LYS

We've been a busy little family. Yesterday we hit three yarn stores; today we hit one completely by accident.

We started at Kitnit Needlecraft on Olde Hickory Road. A nice little store, mostly brands I've seen before. Plymouth Encore was purchased to make a tank top for my sister.

Then it was a long, long, long, confusing, nausea inducing trip to West Earl Woolen Mill in Akron/Ephrata. Cocalico Creek is easy to find, Cocalico Creek Road, not so much. At least for us. We got distracted by a manatee-wearing-a-dress-and-shawl mailbox and missed it. I had great hopes for this place going by the name. Wool. Mill. Drool. Instead it was an Amish run-shop with a lot of acrylics. Sigh. But Mom found an embroidered quilt block pattern and we got some Sugar and Cream so I could make her some new dishcloths.

Then we made our way to Oh Susanna back in Lancaster. How to describe this shop? Ok, all the Arizona people, picture all the yarn in the Fiber Factory and then place it all in a place the size of Coffee Rush. Lots of gorgeous stuff, piled over-head-height. Tons and tons of Noro. Unfortunately by this time I had a horrid headache and we all were in desperate need of a nap and we didn't stay very long and didn't buy anything. Next time I'm out here, that will be at the top of the list.

And then today we went to a large lunch at Plain and Fancy in Intercourse. Fried chicken, chicken pot pie, pot roast, dried sweet corn, chow chow, iced raisin bread, mashed potatoes, apple dumplings, vanilla ice cream and a food coma. So we walked around all the little shops and in one quilt and notions store I saw a sign "Yarn". I dragged my parents back into the connected shop and discovered, once again, Amish-run and lots of acrylics. The Amish don't have a lot of use for flashy yarns. Or zippers. But we did see scarves made by "A man who is 96 years old".

And it's been raining on and off for two days. Which is actually nice, because I've missed it.

Tomorrow is laundry, school reading and pizza. Can't have a day with the family where the food isn't planned at least the day before.


Ashley said...

Your yarn excursion sounds awesome, it's too bad you went into overload. You can go back and truly enjoy all the yarns later.

BTW, this Plain and Fancy sounds like THE place to be for food!!

Eva said...

What the heck!? Why aren't the Amish selling home-spun yarn? (Not to be confused with the hellish Homespun yarn, which they probably are selling since it's all acrylics.) Or is that against their religion or something (asking seriously, as I don't know)?

Jewels said...

sounds like you're having a good relaxing yarny vacation with the family.