Friday, September 23, 2005

Do not doubt the power of the wristband

Kiki has made the perfect talisman.

I wore it today to the endocrinologist and got nothing but good news. Tumor marker is negative. I'm still over-suppressed so the thyroid hormone dose was lowered again. Neck feels good (i.e. non-lumpy. Well, except for some shoddy nodes which should be because of the tooth work) (and she couldn't just say swollen lymph glands? Shoddy node - it sounds so odd. Like my nodes were made on a Friday before a major holiday...).

She also took me off the metformin, assuming it was the cause of the random yacking. Since I've lost about 20 lbs in the past year (?!?!?!?) there's a good chance my insulin and/or pancreas have decided to start working the way they oughta, so I'm just monitoring my blood sugars for a while to make sure they stay normal. If they do, one less med in the daily pill case! Of course, this means I have to do a finger stick every day but I'm used to that from the old job - I was a major guinea pig there, they wanted my blood every time I turned around. And strips are pricey but it's only a dollar a day and it's not forever so I suck it up.

And the best part of the whole appointment? "So I'll hopefully never need a whole body scan again?" "Hopefully, never again."

Didja hear that? No more scans!

I celebrated by buying books and forcing a friend to go to lunch with me. And making 2 trips to the drugstore to get the correct strips for my new meter.

Now, I just need to adjust the wristband to prevent me from being invisible while driving. Every parking lot I was in today contained at least one person who was going to back up, come hell, high water or my car being behind them. I was, however able to avoid driving over another box by employing some fancy evasive maneuvers.

And one more time - NO MORE SCANS !!!!!!


Kirsten said...

Pam, I am so happy for you!! Your talisman served you well. Take care.

Deneen said...

Fantastic news! I need a talisman for myself!

Eva said...

Yee ha!