Monday, September 05, 2005

More More Books

Whee, I made 50! I'm just going to keep going, see how high I can get.

50. Metro Girl - Janet Evanovich. Not a Stephanie Plum mystery but really funny anyway. Evanovich moved from New Jersey to Florida and her characters did too.

51. As I Live and Breathe - Jamie Weisman, M.D. One of my rejected school book choices. Since I had it at home I figured I read it anyway. The author has a previously unknown immune deficiency disorder; this her story of diagnosis, treatment and progress through medical school and how one interacted with another.

The pink shawl is done except for the edging. I practiced that last night on worsted weight and think I've got it so hopefully it will soon be done. What I have at this point is just a long rectangle of netting, nothing worth immortalizing in a picture.

I also started the Homespun baby sweater last night. It's near impossible to check gauge with Homespun (too lumpy) and the diagrams with the pattern are not overly clear so I'm heading into the wonderful world of winging it. To wit, I ripped out what I did last night and am going to restart with a bigger hook. What I had so far was too stiff for my liking.

I'd like to thank Heather and Melanie for being there for me this past week. You two cannot possibly know how much it helped to have someone listen to me bitch and moan and vent and cry. Thank you for being there.

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Heather said...

I'm always here for you :) Things will get better...I promise! ::hugs::