Thursday, September 01, 2005

Time Thieves

Somehow, it's Thursday. Last time I checked it was Monday. What the hell happened?

First, I guess, was Katrina. Tragedies this big have a way of making time stand still. I can't bring myself to watch or read much about it. I'm gathering most of my information by cultural osmosis and even that is breaking my heart beyond what my fragile mental health can stand.

My great-aunt Dot lived in the Naval Retirement Home in Gulfport before she died. We visited her there when I was in high school. I saw it on the 'net; just a pile of rubble. I have a friend who grew up in New Orleans and has yet to be able to contact any of his friends there.

The second time-grabber was SnB. We had a committee meeting Tuesday, a "Wine and Knitting" shindig last night and a standard Changing Hands meeting tonight. Since I'm the new coordinator for the East Valley, I thought I should make an appearance (BTW, what was I smoking to agree to that?). It's a good thing I did go tonight, otherwise Bernice would have been there by herself. Yeah, we were the only two there (a newbie dropped in for 10 minutes or so) so we split after an hour.

Pictures from Wine and Knitting.

Sherri, Carol, Bernice and Sarah. Oddly enough, Bernice was in my writing class last summer. I've run into her twice while voting (she's a poll volunteer) and then she pops up at SnB. Spooky!

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(The other) Pam, Kim and friend. Kim's heading out soon to China, she was in desperate need of a relaxing glass of wine.

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There was a picture of Heather and I, but vanity precludes me from including it. Heather look great though.

Third was Tony. I was able to spend more time with him which is great because I, well, got to spend more time with him. But it's also bad because I'm gonna miss the ever-lovin' crap out of him when he leaves. We have some big things in common and can say a whole lot with just a little bit of words. "Last week was pretty bad" or "He just doesn't get it" encompasses about 3 hours worth of conversation with anyone else.

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What wasn't a big time-hog was crocheting. I still haven't assembled the flower basket bag (though I did carry it around to all the meetings) and the pink shawl is at that "no visible progress" stage (the yarn wormhole strikes again).

School is starting up slowly and I'm getting those nervous jitters again. Empirically, I know I want to do this, but right now it seems like a really poor idea.

So I'll end with this. We had a mini-monsoon tonight, mostly dust around here and I walked out the front door to find this.

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That's not a dead bush, it's a tumbleweed about 2 feet across.

Hmm, I've always wanted a tumbleweed to liven up the living room; I could while away the hours watching it roll around the couch. I wonder if it's still outside?


Eva said...

There's going to be a TON more tumbleweed this year... LOTS growing on the 101 in the East Valley...

Mel said...

You should call the city so they can put that tumbleweed in this year's annual Tumbleweed Christmas tree!

Bethany said...

That's a real thing? No kidding!

Heather said...

You know...I just had a brilliant idea. We could all gather up some various sizes of tumbleweed and make ourselves tumbleweed men in our yards for Chrismas! Brilliant, eh?

I know it has been a tough week, sweetie. ::hugs:: Come over this weekend.