Saturday, November 19, 2005

3 Dog Night

One apartment. Three dogs. What could possible go wrong?

I'm dogsitting this week and due to some unexpected issues there's an extra dog in the mix for a few days. One will spend the week under the couch so she's not much of a problem. The other one? When teamed up with Lucy they are way too smart for their own good. Earlier tonight I took Lu and Murphy for a walk and felt like I had just finished the Ididarod, they raced each other the whole way to the mailbox and back. And they just finished barking in tandem at that %&*$%&(*& black cat that likes to taunt Lu. I think the sudden appearance of a second dog may have scared it off, hopefully for good.

I met the Luscious Gracious crew at City Cafe this morning and I was in a bit of a destructive mood. I frogged the citrus socks because they didn't fit right and I haven't ever worn them because of that. And also because they were cursed. And I frogged the poncho because I could never figure out the fringe/no fringe question and also because...hello? Poncho? And after I was done all the ripping I left, didn't crochet one stitch.

The project for the rest of the weekend is the year-old afghan, which is probably even older than that. The Homespun is allowing me to seam it quickly because it's hiding a multitude of mistakes, which is nice for a change. There's a good chance I'll finish it this weekend, especially because I don't think I'm going to be out gallivanting around. I fear if I leave the Dynamaic Duo alone for too long they will figure a way to open the refridgerator and then some sort of pyramid scheme to get to the cabinets. They're sneaky little buggers.

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