Thursday, January 05, 2006

An Ounce

Last night at our Changing Hands SnB meeting, an unwelcome truth was pounded into my head. My wrist hurts. It started before Christmas, but I blamed the yarn and the hook and the sock and the sweater and figured it would pass when those projects were done. It didn't. Last night it was actually hard to find a position for my hand that would a) no make my wrist hurt and b) allow me to sleep without feeling like a contortionist.

So I think I need to take a little break from the crochet. And it's going to be harder then I thought. It's automatic behavior to grab a project when I'm watching tv and I watch a lot of tv. And then there are the twice weekly get-togethers. But I'll think of something. Those recycle-able sweaters should get here soon. I could ball yarn from skeins. Hell, I could even just sit and chat without any yarn related accoutrements at all. Imagine that!

* AN ASIDE Shouldn't "twice weekly" be synonymous with "bi-weekly" instead of "bi-weekly" meaning every other week. That's "bi-monthly," right? This has always bugged me.

Hopefully this will just be a few days. If it's not...well, I'll deal with that then.

Alternate blog assignments:
1. Lori tagged me for a meme that's going to require some thinking.
2. I still need to blog the holiday.
3. Librarygrrl is blogging her life from A to Z and I'm thinking of stealing the idea from her (just the idea, I'll use my own life).

And those three right there should last me a while.


Sarah said... have to take a crochet break???

WTF will you do when you watch tv? JUST WATCH TV?? Wow, what a concept.

We'll take you at SnB without the yarn. You can just do the B part. ;)

Eva said...

Twice weekly could be phrased "semi-weekly" (though I don't think people use this very often). Similarly, twice a month would be semi-monthly. But only if the event is happening once in the first half of the month, and once in the second half of the month. I don't think it would be truly semi-monthly if the events happened back to back.

Okay, no, I don't really take myself this seriously, but I thought I would share my train of thought with you. :) At least it might be good for a half-laugh... or would that be a semi-laugh? ;D

Heather said...

How in the world are you going to just watch tv?!? Yea, come do the B part. And come up with your so funny stories :)

My wrist gives me fits sometimes, too. I wear a brace to bed for a few days and take a knitting break. It is the only thing that helps.

Paula said...

Have you tried knitting or other crafts to see if those don't hurt? I agree that taking a break is a good idea, but sitting there doing nothing is going to be painful.

ladylinoleum said...

I am so sorry to hear that you have to take a crochet break! That sucks.

I don't think I've actually watched a tv show in years. I listen to a lot of 'em. It would be difficult for me to put down the hook and yarn and actually watch something.

I am sending you good healing vibes so you can get back to the yarn girlie!