Wednesday, February 15, 2006

First Alternate

I know I'm late but let's just pretend I've been snowed in and couldn't get a flight out of NY but now I'm on my way to Torino so watch out!

Just an FYI: half my family originates from the area around Milan and Turin so I could maybe possiibly sort of be receiving some sort of crocheting mojo from my ancestor(esses). You have been warned.

So yeah, the point? The Knitting/Crochet Olympics. I'm in.

The project: That dagnabit Cattywhumpus Hat I'm trying to make my aunt. It was done and sucked and therefore was completely frogged. Attempt #2 started today. I know it's not overly challenging pattern-wise but the boredom quotient should be factored in as well as the fact I'm probably mostly going to be working on it on the bus and let's not forget that I've already managed to mess up a pattern that really doesn't have any pattern to it. I think it will be difficult enough to earn the respect of the Russian Judge.


Sarah said...

Good luck on hat #2!

Kirsten said...

Hope try #2 works out. I loved your crocheted heart!