Friday, March 03, 2006

Flower Power, etc.

The Fun Flower Pillow from Crochetme.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Yarn: Kitchen Cotton dyed with Lime Kool-aid, English DK Cotton from Ebay.

The Cattywhumpus Hat
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Yarn: Sockotta
Pattern: Not really.
Number of Times Made: 2

Lucy enjoyed the parents visiting.

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She's not normally a couch cuddler. Of course, Dad's not usually a dog cuddler either.

Lucy especially enjoyed the inflation of the blow-up bed.

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It was like magic. All the noise of the vacuum but without the scary chasing and an extra-added bonus of levitation.

Of course, she couldn't be bothered sleeping on it with me at night. Oh no, she had to be on the big bed with Grandma and Grandpa. They might want to feed her at 2 am, you never know.

Book Catch-Up
10. The Dollmaker's Daughters - Abigail Padgett. Spooky twinkie book. I liked that the female detective wasn't described only in terms of her looks or the smashingly fabulous clothes she wore.

11. Billy Straight - Jonathan Kellerman. I don't really like Kellerman, I'm not sure why I keep reading him. The plot ideas are good but the actual books, no so much.

12. Hey Nostradamus! - Douglas Coupland. Graciously lent by Kiki and Steve. Very dark comedy about a school shooting and the 20 years of after-effects. I love me some black humor.


Sarah said...

wow, very pink site!

Love the photos of Dad & Lucy.

Very cute pillow.

Lisa said...

When the water heater exploded and flooded the downstairs, the landlady sent in a guy to suck up all the water. Unfortunately, he had to pull all of the padding from under the carpet and put blowers underneath to dry said carpet. It was like a bouncy castle that you rent for birthdays. The kitties spent many a happy hour doing the moonwalk over the giant bubble of carpet. I kind of envied them.

I wonder if it was like that for Lucy.

Jewels said...

Does Lucy think the flower pillow is hers? I like it, think I better make one for Curly. Too funny Lucy on the blowup bed, that must have gotten her little mind thinking on what the heck was going on.

Stephanie said...

ooh! the pillow came out great!

Luscious Gracious said...

How's this for some black humor? I don't remember reading that book. At all. But I know that I did, on the day that Stephen brought it to me. Also, in the black department of humor, I was not only wondering who the WHITE dog was in the mattress photo, but who in the heck is that BLACK dog? Then I saw the lining, and realized it is your crochet bag. I need glasses. Oh yeah, I already wear glasses. I need regression therapy.