Friday, March 17, 2006

Long Time No Post

Not that anyone's noticed I've been missing but no need to panic, I'm back now.

Things I've been doing since March 3rd

1. Parents in Town

My Mom and Dad are in Arizona for the month of March trying out the whole retirement snowbird thing. So there's been many trips (ok, 2) to the far-off-in-East-Mesa, 55+ Trailer Park. There's a grapefruit tree in front of every plot, the stop signs are 3 feet high and the computer center is larger than the one at my college. It's like another world; one entirely populated by active seniors playing low-impact sports. And square dancing. And drinking. Lots and lots of drinking. Those seniors like their cocktails.

2. Sister in Town

Patty was here for 5 days. Lucy was in heaven because Aunt Pat is her favorite person because Pat lets Lucy chew on her hair. I don't know, it's some weird aunt/dog thing.

3. Hiking

What was to be an easy to moderate family hike on South Mountain ended up with us off-trail descending a steep, loose-rocked pseudo-path. Lucy pulled Pat over twice, Mom and I both skidded to our behinds and halfway down I realized that out of 4 people who own 3 cell phones not one of us had brought one with. An exciting adventure for all made even better because no blood was actually drawn and I didn't sit on any cacti.

4. Tucson

We went to Tucson. US 10 is a surreal type of road; you pass an ostrich farm and an airplane graveyard. And a whole lotta nothing. Friday we hit the Sonoran Desert Museum and Saguaro National Park. Saturday we saw the San Xavier Mission and drove around the Presidio and Barrio Historico Districts. And we got cold and wet. And then drove home on Route 89 which is also pretty surreal; the Tom Mix Memorial and Picnic Pavilion, Florence with it's three prisons (two regular, one INS) and copper mines, and a whole lot more of nothing.

5. School

I wrote abstracts, used controlled vocabulary, created a thesaurus and toured the M@yo Clinic Patient Library (which was wicked cool except for the loud piano player in the lobby.) (Yes, there is a piano player in the lobby. All the time.)

6. Other

Crocheting, books, sleeping, dog walking etc. All of which will be documented separately because otherwise this post would be too long to read in one sitting.

Pictures of many things to follow.

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